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Multi-Sport Training Facility

Let's Go!

Travel Baseball Team

Ages 11-14, Heres Your Chance!



Broken up so that one on one instruction and
small group instruction can be achieved at each practice
At least 6 week day games between
Mid-June through the first week of August



3 local tournaments (NO TRAVEL / NO OVERNIGHT)
Minimum of 3 games per tournament

Cost: $725.00

Includes at least two to three practices per week

Summer Camps

First annual summer sports camp at The Factory!

Half Day $125 / *Full Day $200
* Lunch available for additional $25/week
Keep your child moving and learning new sports. Fun games and activities for ages 5-13.
Children who participate in sports camps learn important social skills such as leadership skills or the ability to connect to others and make friendships.
July Camps - Ages 5-13
Date Morning Afternoon
July 5th - 9th 9:00 am - 12:00 pm 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm
July 12th - 16th 9:00 am - 12:00 pm 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm


Open Floor Plan For Camps & Events


  • Fundamental Stationed Practices
  • Ten 72'x14' Batting/Bullpen Cages
  • Hitting / Pitching / Fielding
  • Hack Attack Pitching machine (Baseball & Softball / call to reserve)
  • RAPSODO coming soon!


  • Stationed Practices
  • 160' of Wall Ball space
  • Defensive Drills
  • Shooting Stations
  • Loose Ball/Ground Ball/Passing Drills


  • Position Specific Camps/Practices
  • Area for Stationed Practices


  • Stationed Drills
  • Shooting
  • Goalie Drills
  • Dribbling/Passing/Receiving

Cheerleading, Rugby, Field Hockey & More!

  • We Have The Space You Need
  • Need space for something else? Let us know, we can accommodate.

The Factory Advantages

Helping Athletes, Coaches and Teams Reach Their Goals!

Customer Service

We are a family-based organization from which all have been born and raised within this community. We have experienced instructors and top quality certified sport specific trainers. We offer a relaxed, non-stress environment that is built to serve and inspire.

Sport Transition

Ease of transitioning from sport to sport within each provided space. Our staff will set up, adjust on the fly, and clean up after every sport area as a true value added service that not one current sports complex in our area provides.

One Stop Shop

It is truly a one stop shop for our young ambitious athletes. Each individual athlete can come to the Factory year-round for his/her current sport specific training, utilize provided area's for practice and workouts in our interchangeable turfed sections, and utilize instructors at a reduced member's cost.

Low Cost With Top Quality Instruction

Our low overhead and pure area functionality that will continue to help costs stay low and provide us the opportunity to include top of the line experienced instructors.


Over 10,000 square feet of turfed floor space offering 2 sport adjustable area's, a sport specific training room, along with a separate aerobic training center room.


Conveniently located on West Commercial Street in East Rochester, right off of RT 490.


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  • All
  • Baseball/Softball
  • Lacrosse
  • Field Hockey/Football



  • Standard Rate

    $60 / hour

  • Multi-Cage Discount

    $50 / hour

  • Multi-Cage/6 week contract

    $45 / hour

72'x14' Individual Cages

Full Field

  • Standard Rate

    $300 / hour

  • 6 week contract

    $275 / hour

  • 8 week contract

    $250 / hour

Half Field

  • Standard Rate

    $150 / hour

  • 6 week contract

    $135 / hour

  • 8 week contract

    $125 / hour



  • Individual

    $60 / hour

  • 2 Players

    $40 / hour

  • 3 Players

    $30 / hour

  • Max 4 Players

    $25 / hour

Individual Athlete Turf Time

Monday - Friday
12:00 - 2:00

  • Daily


  • Monthly


Staff is always available to adjust field dynamic, bring and take away equipment, and clean up
For More Information Call Or Stop In!
Custom Rates Available Based On Space Needs

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